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Let me put you onto Ivan Ave

An interview with the Norwegian rapper

I remember stumbling across a song called The Circle by an artist named Ivan Ave, during my second year at university. The music video has that old-video-footage-style, but Ivan keeps it fresh spitting that chill rap as he rides through the neighbourhood.


That’s Soul, That’s Choklate

An interview with the singer

As many of my friends already know, back in the day I was a hardcore Drake fan. I stumbled across Room for Improvement on YouTube back in 2007 and I started listening to everything. From Thank Me Later to Comeback Season. I knew all the lyrics. I knew all the lingo. I even started watching Degrassi and let me tell you, it’s not all hype. That show was the bomb! I began opening myself up to a world of underground hip-hop, a hidden sphere of RnB and neo-soul that I never really had the chance to explore before…

Meet Sipprell

Image taken by Filmawi @filmawi

An interview with the songstress

What I admire most about Sipprell is the strength in her voice which speaks volumes, the message in her lyrics which tells a relatable story and the versatility in her style. I first fell in love with her song Trust Issues, where she brings to light the issue of trust within a relationship…



Pro Era: 5 Years After Capital STEEZ’s AmeriKKKan Korruption

Pro Era, Era, Pro Era, Era, Era 

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Back in Time Series

An Omarion appreciation article

So today’s been a pretty sunny day, which is very unusual weather for us Brits. I was on the train earlier and I started listening to throwback tunes, as you do. I stumbled on one of my favourite throwback jams from Omarion. Entourage. You know, the one that starts with La da di di di di di di di di di, when that dude the funky hairstyle introduces Omarion to the audience. Or if you didn’t get that, it’s the one that had you singing Baby I want you to be my entourage at the top of your lungs…

What’s New On That New Sh*t

A column about new music releases

First up.


Namebe Soul: FELA (prod. by Soulace Music)

A casual Sunday read

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IAMDDB: the wavey songstress from Manchester

An interview with IAMDDB

I first stumbled across the urban songstress on Instagram when I heard her soulful, smooth and harmonic vocals in TELASCOPE which I loved due to it’s modern-day Erykah Badu vibes and it’s neo-soul and jazzy sound…

My friend’s about to put you onto One Acen

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‘In the next five years I wanna be two or three epic albums in lol, definitely want to be considered one of the best to come from our scene, if not the best’.

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You better not $hun him out

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The other day I was on the train scrolling through new songs on SoundCloud when I came across this artist called $hun. His bio read “Got tired of waiting on artists to drop new music so I decided to do that shi*t myself”…he seemed real to me, so I wanted to hear what he had to say. I started with his track ’09 JAMS. because I saw that it was produced by 9th Wonder, who happens to be one of my favourite producers. Yes, JAMLA is The Squad. I knew if it had that 9th Wonder beat it was sure to be a great song. Head over to the Interviews page read the full interview with $hun…




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Meet Lex Amor the voice behind The Mellowdic Show

An Interview with Lex Amor

I found The Mellowdic Show a couple months ago during exam season whilst on the hunt for new podcasts/playlists to listen to on SoundCloud. I wanted something chill, but refreshing, I wanted to hear a compilation of artists I hadn’t heard of before. You know something different…


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Why the Anderson .Paak concert was my favourite concert yet

Can we have a round of applause for Malibu. Yes, one more time…alright that’s enough. In my opinion that album was one of the best albums to come out of 2016 and I say that with confidence. It was an infusion of melodies, a hybrid of genres, so to speak. An album for the soulful R & Ber’s, the Hip-Hoper’s, the Jazzy ones, the lovers of commercial music, the ones who dig Rock and so forth. Paak came like a modern-day James Brown in songs like Come Down and Carry Me...


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It’s a Slum Village affair

The 90s-hip-hop sensation originally comprised of Titus Glover (deceased) who went by the stage name Baatin, J Dilla (deceased) formally known as James Dewitt Yancey, Illa J also known as James Derek Yancey, Young RJ, T3 and Elzhi. Now members T3 and Young RJ act as a dynamic duo helping to maintain the rhymes and crazy instrumentals encapsulated in Dilla’s beats and SV’s sound, that will surely make ya head nod