Who is the writer?

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My name is Daniella.

I’m a third year university student. I created this blog a couple of years back with little direction. All I knew was that I wanted to be a journalist. It was the time for me to generate some sort of internet presence, get my work out there…create a portfolio of some sort. The time for me to show the world what I had to bring that differs from the millions or billions or so young writers out there. I had all these ideas but I didn’t really know how to execute them. So I took time away from this to figure things out. I am now more in tune with what I want to write about and ready to dedicate my time into doing so. Why did you want to become a journalist? When did it hit you? Well, I guess I’ve always known. I was always really good at writing. I used to read a lot of fiction and non-fiction which definitely helped. When I was younger I used to really admire black female reporters like Isha Sesay. I wanted that to be me one day. So when secondary school came that’s when I really started to make my dream my reality. I started up the school paper called The Monument and wrote a number of articles for a local newspaper called The Archer, during my time in sixth form. I hope to bring something different. Let’s just say I listen to A LOT of underground music. There’s a lot of talent out there that needs to be heard. I’m pretty stoked to introduce some of these artists to you. I have a SoundCloud account which literally has everything that I listen to and I will put that up shortly too. I’m a history student so I will also be sharing some of my interesting historical findings and general thoughts about events in history. I have begun my deadly dissertation journey, so I will be documenting that too. I do think it is important as young people to stay up to date (aka be woke) with current affairs, so I will include political stories and investigations. Finally, I have a section which I like to call my ‘Stream of Consciousness’ it will quite simply be all the weird things I think about or interesting topics that I discuss with my friends, that reflect the social, political and economic climate.

Do stay tuned.

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