ivan ave 1
Image taken by Håkon Gleditch @hakongle

Let me put you onto Ivan Ave

An interview with the Norwegian rapper

I remember stumbling across a song called The Circle by an artist named Ivan Ave, during my second year at university. The music video has that old-video-footage-style, but Ivan keeps it fresh spitting that chill rap as he rides through the neighbourhood.


That’s Soul, That’s Choklate

An interview with the singer

As many of my friends already know, back in the day I was a hardcore Drake fan. I stumbled across Room for Improvement on YouTube back in 2007 and I started listening to everything. From Thank Me Later to Comeback Season. I knew all the lyrics. I knew all the lingo. I even started watching Degrassi and let me tell you, it’s not all hype. That show was the bomb! I began opening myself up to a world of underground hip-hop, a hidden sphere of RnB and neo-soul that I never really had the chance to explore before…

Meet Sipprell

Image taken by Filmawi @filmawi

An interview with the songstress

What I admire most about Sipprell is the strength in her voice which speaks volumes, the message in her lyrics which tells a relatable story and the versatility in her style. I first fell in love with her song Trust Issues, where she brings to light the issue of trust within a relationship…


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