Pro Era: 5 Years After Capital STEEZ’s AmeriKKKan Korruption

Pro Era, Era, Pro Era, Era, Era 

Read more about Sebastian’s video on the Music page.

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Back in Time Series

An Omarion appreciation article

So today’s been a pretty sunny day, which is very unusual weather for us Brits. I was on the train earlier and I started listening to throwback tunes, as you do. I stumbled on one of my favourite throwback jams from Omarion. Entourage. You know, the one that starts with La da di di di di di di di di di, when that dude the funky hairstyle introduces Omarion to the audience. Or if you didn’t get that, it’s the one that had you singing Baby I want you to be my entourage at the top of your lungs…

What’s New On That New Sh*t

A column about new music releases

First up.


Namebe Soul: FELA (prod. by Soulace Music)

A casual Sunday read

Click the link above or head over to the Music page…


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