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Celebrating art from all over the world


Illustration by Williams Chechet.


Photography by Daniel Rueda.


Illustration by Edwin Wainaina.


Taken by @kvvadwo.



Image result for black mental health
Image URL: https://southsideconomicdevelopment.wordpress.com/2014/07/13/mental-health-in-the-black-community/


  1. Why do we continue to sweep the issue of Mental Health under the carpet?
  2. Why is the issue of Mental Health looked down upon in ethnic minorities?
  3. Why are we so afraid to reach out for help or say we feel alone?
  4. What can you do to relieve the pain?
  5. What steps should we take as a society? What should the government do?


She goes by the name of E ^ R T H

An interview with the soul singer…

Who is Paul Stephan?

An interview with the artist…


Image result for kojey radical
Image taken from Colors Berlin.

Let me tell you about British lyricist Kojey Radical

An interview with Kojey

This British musician has taken the country by storm with his thought-provoking rhymes and instrumentals in Dear Daisy and 23 Winters. He is telling a story of his past. One that in some way, we can all relate to…


Image taken from @tianamajor9 Instagram profile.

She goes by the name of Tiana Major 9…

An interview with the singer

This East London native definitely has something new and exciting to offer with her sultry and powerful vocals. To me, there’s something reminiscent of Jill Scott and India Arie about her. I think it’s the positivity and happiness her songs exude, with that Neo-soul and jazzy undertone, that makes me remember the days I stumbled across Golden and Video

The Choreographer I grew up watching on YouTube

Talks with Tony

Tony Tzar. Pronounced ‘zar’, not ‘tee-zar’ as I originally thought. I began watching the choreographer on YouTube whilst I was in secondary school. That’s high school for any readers from the US. I particularly enjoyed the videos of him teaching Lil BIGZ (Ysabelle Capitulé) new moves. His style was unique, like no choreographer I had seen yet…

 What’s Poppin?

Image result for 808ink

Who are 808ink?

I first stumbled on this artistic pair on a Youtube video by Colors Berlin showcasing their popular song Jeep Cherokee. Let’s just say I was hooked. This is exactly what the culture needed…


Kwena Baloyi

kwena Baloyi @kwenasays on Instagram photo 4th July 2017
Taken by Trevor @Trevor_stuurman

An interview with the stylist…




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